Slingly Review – Baking Facebook Ads the right way? Are you flipping or flopping?

  If you’ve ever bought ANYTHING online, you know how convenient is it… Did you know that you can do what is called “flex targeting” and tell Facebook to show ladies who are “Teachers” who “like pugs” or men who are married an Engineer Tshirt “Engineers who “love their wife”? That’s …



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Coaching Material Warrior War Room

Source:   Follow the money….And the money is being spent on HEALTH. $643 BILLION is spent on the pharmaceutical / health / pill niche each year. And almost HALF of that ($289 BILLION) is spent in the US alone. FOLLOW THE MONEY! and it will lead you right to …


How To Make A Youtube Video

Part One – How To Make A Youtube Video Part Two – How To Use Free Screencast-o-Matic To Make Your Video Go to to create your First Free Video.

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 My name is Stefan Pylarinos, founder of the K Money Mastery and 24 Hour Book program.You can access the affiliate tools and resources to help you begin promoting the programs here:=> the affiliate tools and resource center you will find e-mail swipes that you can send out to your …

Golden Tips Learned From A Multi-Millionaire Marketer As A NEWBIE

About 7 years ago, I found myself sitting next to Matt Bacak..I lived not far from Matt and he was hosting a “Internet Millionaire Secrets Revealed” kind-of-conference.  I was a TOTAL Newb at internet marketing, so I soaked up EVERY WORD as Matt sat next to me in a small …