Golden Tips Learned From A Multi-Millionaire Marketer As A NEWBIE

About 7 years ago, I found myself sitting next to

Matt Bacak..I lived not far from Matt and he was

hosting a “Internet Millionaire Secrets Revealed”

kind-of-conference.  I was a TOTAL Newb at internet

marketing, so I soaked up EVERY WORD as Matt

sat next to me in a small group setting in a circle

of chairs.


I asked him, “Why would a millionaire internet

marketer answer questions from complete

Newbies like myself?”  And I will never forget

his answer…


He said, “Why wouldn’t I?”  I have been where

you are (he flew there in his private plane) and

you paid to find out the secrets so here I am..


ASK Away!  To be truthful, I was so new at

the whole thing, that I stammered and stuttered

and didn’t really know WHAT were the most

valuable questions to ask an internet marketer

who flew there to meet us in his private plane,

but I learned some INVALUABLE tips from Mat

that weekend and I am going to share them

with you now….haven’t ever shared this before



1.  You don’t have to get it perfect…just get it going!

2.  When he was a young boy, he would ride his

bike to visit an older gentlemen in a nursing home

every day and Matt was very impressionable at

the time, and he soaked up some really WISE words…

he noticed that almost EVERY man in that nursing

home started off with the same statement..


If I was young again, I would ___________________.

If I had to do it over again, I would _______________.


and Matt said one day he literally RAN away

from there on his bike and threw it down

under a tree and made a commitment to

himself that would change his life.

Matt vowed that if he would do WHATEVER it

took to make his dreams come true and

one of his dreams was to buy his own

airplane… forward many years and

there he was…sitting next to me having

flown  to see us at this conference we paid

to attend to listen to HIM tell us how he

accomplished his dreams…..and then


I SECRETLY vowed to….


1.  Figure out how to leverage the power of this

mystery beast called “the Internet” that reached

into the minds and homes of millions of people,

from all walks of life, from all homes and cultures

that were different and foreign to me, from all over

the globe at all different times day and night.


2.  Just get it going….our first homework assignment

before we arrived at that conference was to write

our hearts out and to show up to the conference

with at least 100 articles…I was shy of that goal and

only came with 76 articles, but at the conference

I took those articles and turned it into my First Ever

Ebook…it wasn’t a work of art, but I didn’t care and

by the time I got home that next week, I had sold one

virtual copy for $30 to a guy in Singapore

(yes, while I was sleeping) and I was HOOKED!!!

3.  We ALL have something valuable inside of us

that we can share and since people DO buy

informational products (how many WSOs have

we bought??), then there is something YOU can

share with the world that someone else wants

to know and is willing to pull out their wallet

to buy it from you (Kristie’s Believe It or Not).


4.  Don’t wait to get ready to get ready.

There are some cool apps that you can download

that will help you to be more productive.

One of my favorite ones Mike from Maine

told me about called:

1. that is quiet coffee sounds

as if you are sitting in a coffee shop without

the real world distractions.


2.  Set a Timer – here is a Free Online Timer to

set to get you moving and it goes off when

you tell it to.

Enjoy those free tools – anything that helps to

move you forward toward your goals.

To build a real business online, you should

be building a list of people who hang on your

every word and can’t wait to open your emails.



If I needed a master plan to write

a Kindle book today I would

study this until I made my first

10 sales.

==>>You can pick up a copy of that Click Here.

Remember…it doesn’t have to be perfect…just get it

going.  Put on your coffee pot, put on your quiet

coffee chatter, start your timer, get set, GO!

Always thinking of you,  Kristie

Remember, “Today I will do what others WON’T,
so tomorrow I can do what others CAN’T.” – Unknown