*$40K News – How much do Top Bloggers make a month/year?

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Did you know that people who started and

consistently post to their blog the right way

can make this kind of income?


Huffington Post – $2,330,000/month – Main income – Pay Per Click

Tech Crunch – $800,000/month – Main income – Advertising Banners

Mashable –      $600,000/month – Main income – Advertising Banners

Perez Hilton – $450,000/month – Main income – Advertising Banners


Now, I know what you are thinking….

those are big-time blogs with employees

and celebrities…yep, but how about these

from everyday folks like you and me that

I found from digging around and posting

in Pinterest like Chelsea?


Chelsea loves recipes so she created

a blog around her favorite recipes

to the tune of $40,000 her first year

of blogging.  You can find Chelsea’s

blog here.


But, how do you get

people to visit your blog and your

advertising banners and affiliate links?

without paying for traffic?


Did you know that some blogs

ONLY use free targeted traffic

from the the site that uses

images called Pinterest as their

free source of traffic?


In fact, I am using Pinterest

alone to get instant traffic to

my new membership blog.

Need visitors to come visit

your Amazon sites or your online



Erica shows you how to go from

0 to 100 visitors in a day.

with her excellent guide on

Pinterest found here.

You’re going to love it,



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