Slingly Review – Baking Facebook Ads the right way? Are you flipping or flopping?


If you’ve ever bought ANYTHING online, you know

how convenient is it…

Did you know that you can do what is called “flex targeting”

and tell Facebook to show ladies who are

“Teachers” who “like pugs” or

men who are married an Engineer Tshirt

“Engineers who “love their wife”?

That’s the power of Facebook ads!

Did you also know that you can build a FREE store on the

site called Gearbubble?

But, WAIT, Partner (more reruns of Bonanza and The Virginian kicking in!)

…you need some training before you rush out and begin


It’s like hearing that your company coming this weekend

has put in a special REQUEST for this delicious coca-cola flavored chocolate

cake that they can’t wait to EAT, and you run out to the store

thinking it must need chocolate, flour, eggs, coca-cola, baking powder…

and oh, what was that other ingredient? and what the temperature

for the oven? and how long does it take to bake to a golden brown?

Oh…well, I’m in a hurry so I’ll just spend all this money on these

ingredients, and just throw it together in the mixer, pop it into the

oven and it will be a HUGE success!

I’m sure of it, because LOTS of people

have baked this and loved it…


alas!  Woe is me!

The chocolate cake doesn’t rise, it’s gooey and runny and never

fully cooked, and you ended up wasting your time, money and effort,

PLUS your disappointed guests decided to go out to for dessert instead!!!


That’s pretty much like what is happening behind the scenes

with all of these shops…

you’re only seeing the PRIZE cakes (er…shops) that are bringing

in revenue…and pretty much everyone else dumps their losing

(cakes…er ADS) into the garbage getting $0 for their effort.

But NOT Rick and Ross.

They just had a $5K they’re pretty dog-gone confident they

can teach you how to make your FIRST sale on your shop.

Sign Up Here To The Free Workshop at 2 PM EST today.

Grab a notebook, take notes and watch this training that is

going to be LIFE-changing for many folks!

This is THE best time in the history of the internet to take

advantage of this type of online business.

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(even if you have to watch it later….Partner =)

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