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Follow the money….And the money is being spent on HEALTH.

$643 BILLION is spent on the pharmaceutical / health / pill niche each year.
And almost HALF of that ($289 BILLION) is spent in the US alone.

FOLLOW THE MONEY! and it will lead you right to the health niche.

What are some good niches?

Well, Here’s a PRO-TIP:

This is a list of 100 of the most common diseases in the US

List of Common Diseases: Most Common Illnesses (Page 2)

AKA all HOT Winning Desperate health niches. Choose any of these and be a winner.

acne, allergies, arthritis, asthma, back pain, bad breath, depression, weight loss, eczema, E.d., genital warts, hemorrhoids, hypothyroidism, joint pain, panic attack, balding, rosacea, sleep disorder, weight loss..

#2. Create a Stellar Freebie

You’re going to need a free report to give away to get people on to your list.
But what do you write it on? What do people really want? What is going to make them opt in like crazy?!

This is something I see a ton of people struggle with. so let me share with you a little known NINJA secret to create bad ass reports that FORCE monsoons of people to opt in.

Step 1 – Go to

Step 2 – Go to the categories for your topic and click on it.

For this example, we’re going to go with WEIGHT LOSS which falls underneath HEALTH + FITNESS. So click on it.

Step 3. Dig around a little bit, and see if you can find a hot magazine closely related to your niche.

You’d be surprised at how much GOLD is here. You can find magazines for just about anything you can think of. Weight loss, dog cancer, A.D.D., you name it.

Aha! Jackpot! There’s tons of great magazines that come up for health / weight loss.. “Women’s Health” , ‘Health’ , ‘Fitness’, ‘Prevention’, ‘Shape’, ‘Oxygen’.. The list goes on.

Let’s click on one of those, ok. how about HEALTH Mag.

Step #4. Use their headlines as a SWIPE file for your REPORT!

Here’s what you got to realize.

The magazine industry is one of the most cutthroat industries out there. With ipads, kindles, and the web.. it’s a HARD GAME trying to sell magazines these days….

So if a magazine company is still around.. it means that they are damn good at what they do! Think about it. Headlines are what sell the magazine. These headlines are what people are DYING to know about… RIGHT NOW!

These headlines are SO HOT that it makes people pick up that magazine and buy it then and there..

Does your squeeze page have that kind of effect on your viewers?
No? so why not take a lesson from them!

These headlines are the ONLY shot that magazine company has on selling their magazine. If it didn’t work and compel people to BUY.. the magazine company would go out of business.

So they hire the best copywriters in the world, carefully test+track, and spend serious money doing market research just to pin it down..

If that headline causes people to pull out their wallets and buy right there.. What do you think it would do to your squeeze page? It would light a fire under it!

So, get ideas from their headlines!

At the top, I see ‘100 Best Diet Tricks Ever’.. so why not SPIN it?

Write a report on the ‘7 TOP Diet Secrets’ / 7 Greatest Diet Tricks.. Ever!

Or I see The Anti-Sag Workout: 7 Days to a Firmer Butt, Belly, and Bust
Why not write a report on ‘Reverse Sagging: 5 Days to Sexy Buns, Flat Belly, and Firm Bust!”

Do you see how big of a goldmine this is?

These are hot topics that we know people are interested in. It’s tested. It’s proven. It’s what people want RIGHT NOW. if you do a report on something similar.. you will CRUSH IT!

Also, you’ll notice at the very bottom that you can click to check out past issues of the magazine.. get ideas from those too!

I just saw one on AMAZING abs.. ‘ Amazing Abs In Just 28 Days’

That one is HOT! So, for my report.. I can write it on:

‘Little Known Secret to Get Amazing Abs In Just 13 Days /
How to Get Amazing Abs In Just 13 Days’
Revealed: Get Incredible Abs In Just 2 Weeks!’

You get the idea

go through all the other magazines. Grab headlines on it that really jump out at you. Spin it. make your report on something similar.. Success! You’ve now got a proven winner.


Can’t find a magazine on YOUR niche?

(maybe you picked something like sleep disorder? and you can’t find a magazine just to help babies get to sleep).

No sweat, boss!

Go to Amazon, Go to ‘Books’, Then look up the ‘BEST SELLERS’ For your Topic.

This book has 1,072 customer reviews (which is insane) and almost a solid 5 stars. this tells me that they are doing something right

Let’s click on it.

Amazon’s got a feature these days where you can click on the book to see inside of it and look at the table of contents.. do it!

Lookie what I see?!


1st chapter is ‘Learn Basic Sleep Facts’ .. that’s OBVIOUSLY a HOT BUZZ phrase that alot of people want to know about.. so what I could do is rip out that chapter, rewrite it (in my own words).. and write a report on

‘The 3 Basic Sleep Facts You Must Know About Your Baby’
‘Learn the 5 Basic Sleep Facts Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About Your Baby’

There’s another chapter called..

‘How Much Sleep Do Babies Need?’

So my report could be on: ‘how Much sleep does your baby really need? discover the shocking truth!’

Or ‘1 Simple Trick to Immediately Find Out How Much Sleep Your Baby Actually Needs.’

Another chapter is called:

‘What is The Right Way to Teach a Baby to Sleep..’

So my report could be on.. ‘Are You Using the Right Way to Put Your Baby to Sleep? You get the idea

Your report only needs to be 7 – 15 pages long. If you don’t want to write it.. No problem.

Simply outsource it to a high quality writer over on: iWriter : Article Writing Service | Get Content For Your Website, Cheap!

So now that you’ve got an awesome squeeze page.. let’s move on!

#3. Create a Smoking Hot Squeeze Page

Less is more. Make a squeeze page that is extremely simple and straight to the point. The more you tell people on your squeeze page.. the less exciting it is.
I like to leave people wondering. make them curious. entice them.

Here’s an example of a squeeze page that I run that has been KILLING it for me.. It gets a 62% opt in rate for me.

This uses WP Lead Rocket. You can look it up on here. I am in no way affiliated with them. but the plugin does rock.

You can also get a smoking hot squeeze page for FREE from Ryan Deiss.

Download it here –

The Anatomy of a Perfect Squeeze Page Template | Digital Marketer

And put together something similar.
All you really need to do is say the name of the report and the people are going to get it for opting in..

Some great Headline openers for your squeeze page:

“Discover the Secret to
‘1 Simple trick to
1 Weird Trick to
Revealed: _____
How to ___

#4. Fast Cash OTO

If you don’t have an OTO in place, you might as well just light up the money you got in your pocket and smoke it!

..Because you’re already burning money.

As soon as people opt in to your squeeze page.. They are as HOT N’ READY as they’re ever going to be.

So it’s your job to sell them something right then and there!

think about it.

They just opted in to your list.. which means they just jumped through a whole bunch of hoops to get there!

1. They had to first find your squeeze page..
(Which means just moments ago they were reading an article on weight loss.. watching a weight loss video,etc. .. )

2. They THEN click the link to check it out.. go to your page..

3. Next they had to type in their email address.. (which is them admitting they have a problem and desperately want a solution) and to top it off..

4. They had to click the big shiny send button! (there’s no turning back now. they’re in deep!)

They’re desperate. they want a solution now. So give it to them! Put up an OTO immediately after opt in and watch as the sales come piling in.

The health niche is NOT like other niches. We’re dealing with desperate people.

It’s not like video games, IM/MMO niche, or recipes where people just browse around for fun.

people don’t just go to google and type ‘get rid of my hemmorhoids’ because they’re bored.

I’m not Sherlock Holmes.. but if someone goes to a page that says ‘Insert your email address here if you want to get rid of gout fast!’ .. and he DOES IT!

There’s a good chance that he’s got a bad case of the GOUT! (and that he wants to get rid of it FAST!)

Nobody wants to admit they got gout.. but he just did! that means he’s desperate. so let’s offer him a quick solution.

Don’t make him wait. Don’t spend the next 3 weeks trying to sweet talk him with free info before you pitch anything.

When you got a health problem, you want instant relief.. And if you don’t give them an instant solution.. they won’t wait. They’ll buy through someone else.

So now that you see the importance in an OTO, let’s talk about how to do it!

For an OTO.. I recommend doing a Low-priced offer. That ways it’s a quick impulse buy and there’s no thought behind it. Anything between $5 – $12 does great. Personally, I’m a big fan of $7 + $9. Those price points have worked well for me.

don’t know what to do for an OTO? no problem.

Step #1 – Let’s get a PLR product to use for it.

I like these sites. They got good stuff.

Private Label Rights (PLR), Master Resale Rights, Resell Rights, Private Label Right, plr ebook, video, plr articles. Worlds largest catalog.
Master Resell Rights | Private Label Rights PLR | Master Resale Rights
PLR – Private Label Content

Dig through those sites and find a good looking ebook that shines.
They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover.. well, I do.
To me, if an ebook cover looks crappy, I assume the ebook is to.

Hey if they can’t be bothered to spend $10 on a decent looking cover.. what does that say about the content?

Example A – this looks terrible. The blue and red make my eyes bleed.
the photoshop job is a crime to humanity. let’s pass.

Example B. Winner!
Ok, so the girl on the right looks like she is having naughty moments with her salad. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve met some FREAKS in my life.. but who gets turned on by lettuce? C’mon now?

It’s overkill. I know! but this looks a bajillion times better than the last one.
So let’s run with it!

It gives us a sales letter too! ROCK ON!

So, now. let’s make some MAGIC happen.

Here’s an OTO page that I just put together off of that. Check it out!

So few things to note.

Check Your Email Message Reminder

At the top, you’ll see I gave them a reminder to check their inbox and let them know I sent them their report. This builds rapport/trust as they can see I follow through on my promise.

It also lets them know that they didn’t just randomly end up on some sales page for no reason. Congruency.

For the handwritten font for it, I used Avery’s hand. Free font from

That place rocks! One of my favorite sites. You can get tons of awesome fonts from that website.. and see what your text looks like before downloading it.

Script > Handwritten fonts |

Chop Up The Sales Letter

Next, for the OTO.. you don’t need to put the WHOLE sales letter.. Chop it up!

I go through the sales letter.. and pull out some hot sections like:
1) the headline 2.) intro paragraph 3) some of the benefits/bullets 4) picture of the product and BUY.

Remember.. less is more. These people are desperate. This report is only $7. so it’s not a HARD decision. If you keep the text short and sweet you keep it an IMPULSE buy. so SHRINK IT DOWN! to a strong headline and some solid bullets.

If you suck at editing webpages and don’t know how to edit it.. do the lazy man’s way.. Open up their sales letter with Snag It or Paparazzi (MAC). Or there’s this really cool website that’ll do it for you.

Web Screenshots – Take a Screen Capture Online

Take a screenshot of the sales page. Slap it onto yours, add a Buy now button underneath for $7. call it a day.

Do it FAST and dirty. don’t get caught up trying to perfect it. If you’re spending more than 30 mins on this, you’re doing it wrong.

If you can take the text and turn it into a video and post it up on top.. EVEN BETTER! (but not required) Take the copy, turn it into powerpoint slides, read it. video done.

If you don’t want to read it.. Get someone off Fiverr too. There’s tons of guys on fiverr that’ll do voiceovers for you for pennies. Look them up.

For payment just use Paypal or Rapbank. It’s fast. get’s the job done and is EASY to use.

Now that you’ve got an OTO in place.. Let’s move on..
and talk TRAFFIC!

#1 – Index Stock – It’s 100% free. But it’s hit or miss. They’ve got some good pictures, but you might have to do some digging around to find them.
stock.xchng – the leading free stock photography site

#2 – Big Stock – Super High Quality Pictures. It’s HOT! $2.99 – $4.99 to get pictures you can legally use. one of the best deals on the net.

Stock Photos & Vector Art – Royalty-Free Stock Images | Bigstock

#3 – Shutterstock – the BEST. but at $19 for a picture. make it count.
Stock Photos and Royalty-Free Images by Subscription – Shutterstock

Originally Posted by WillR
In regards to the headline tip, if you don’t have time to do the magazine thing or are looking for even more ideas, go to popular social bookmarking sites like digg and search your keyword.

Look at the title of this very thread for example…
“How I Made $17,289.21 In Just 30 Days From FREE Traffic (Newbie Friendly)”
Think that could work well on a squeeze page or free report?
yep. you’re spot on Will. thanks for chiming in bro and sharing some gold.
Digg + Reddit + Forums = WIN for finding some hot headline / topic ideas.

Also, I’d throw in popurlsĀ® | the genuine news aggregator for the latest web buzz to the party.

Write articles and contact blog owners with high free traffic

Profit Explosion – Promote Hot Offers to Your List!

Now that you’ve got a list.. Promote stuff to them..

Go to and find some of the HOTTEST cpa offers for your market (I look for stuff that pays me $35 – $40 /sale).. think pills/cremes/lotions/supplements. etc.

This stuff delivers ‘instant’ results. So this is going to be some of the easiest stuff to sell them… as it’s exactly what they’re looking for.

You can also find the hottest products on CB and send some emails for that too.
In my case for the weight loss / abs niche I’d promote things like Fat Burning Furnace, Diet Solutions, etc.

And there ya have it!

and that my friends is how I made $17,289.21 in just 30 days.. and how you can copy me and do the exact same thing.

If you’re not doing an OTO after people opt in, you are leaving ALOT of money on the table. enough said.

I always do an OTO after people opt in.. This is when the lead is the HOTTEST. so give them an awesome deal on something that they can’t refuse.

We’re not trying to sell people on buying a thousand dollar tv. lol.
We’re not trying to sell people on something that they don’t need or want.
If I tried to sell people on buying a VHS player from 1986.. yes. they’d get ticked off and turned away.

But that’s not what we’re doing!

You’re giving people something that they desperately WANT.
If you’re at a concert.. and you’re really thirsty and can’t find anything to drink… and I came up to you and said.. hey! I got this water for $3. Want to buy it?

You’ll hand me the $3 in an INSTANT.
and I didn’t have to sweet talk you or develop a relationship or any of that.
I simply gave you what you wanted right when you wanted it.

The same thing here.

You’re giving an IMMEDIATE solution to a DESPERATE market and pricing it dirt cheap at $7 or $9 which means it’s an IMPULSE buy (at that price, people don’t even think about it)..

It’s kind of like when you go to the fast food restaurant and they ask you if you want to supersize your drink or get fries with it.. you say yes without even thinking about it. same thing.

So YES! Do an OTO!

You need to remember. this is the health niche. This is a whole different animal. You’re dealing with a desperate market that is looking for an immediate solution.

If someone goes online and is looking at acne stuff.. It probably means that they got acne.. it’s driving them crazy and they want a solution TODAY!

And if you spend the next week trying to sweeten them up before you make any kind of pitch to them, you will miss out on the sale. I guarantee that in that time, many of your prospects will have already bought from someone else and moved on. And that sale should’ve been yours!

So carpe the diem! don’t miss out on your big break.

For everyone that’s looking for a quick fix.. you got the OTO.. and for everyone else that needs a little more persuading.. you got your follow up emails to move them to buy.

You’re a marketer. Your job is to sell people. don’t forget that!
And if you got a good product that will genuinely help people and make their lives better.. it’s your DUTY to sell it to them. It’s $7. if you don’t think your OTO is worth $7. find another one.

Sell affiliate products to your list. that will be the fastest way for you to get started. CPA offers for supplements/pills/creams convert extremely well. go to Affiliate Marketing – Find the Best Affiliate Programs and CPA Offers from OfferVault

do a search for your niche.. like ‘hair loss’, ‘weight loss’, ‘muslce building’ etc.
Find what cpa offers payout well ($34 – $45+), and has the best looking landing page.. if it looks professional and like something you’d buy.. that’s a good indication.

Send emails out to your list. send lots. I typically send 3 -5 a week. and only send on week days. but that’s just my style. feel free to do whatever works for you. I will typically do 2 content rich emails a week.. just giving solid free info.. and 3 pitch emails.

I’ll spend first week or two just focusing on trying to sell 1 main product (ie – 1 weight loss supplement).. and then after first week.. will move to promoting 1-2 other offers each week..

Get creative. you can promote a few Clickbank guides.. you can also go onto
CJ – Your Performance Marketing Partner / Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more and join their affiliate program and can promote stuff like bowflex, ab crunch machines, as seen on tv products like Shakeweight lol, or zumba videos.

if it’s a top selling products.. chances are your list will love it!

and all of this took me less than a month to do everything.. start to finish.

Focus on 1 topic at a time. Focus is the quickest path to success.
Doing many topics at once = the quickest path to burnout and information overload.

These are all big markets with lots of traffic. So I recommend just picking 1, making a few sales with it.. and then just digging in deep.. With any one of these niches you can easily rake in a 6 figure+ business. why do anything else?

keep it simple.
less is more Focus is king.

Takes me a few hours to set it up.

I gave my schedule for mailing earlier.. I typically do about 4-5 emails a week (during weekdays. I don’t mail on weekends) I always want to stay top of mind.

I do 2 solid content emails and 3 pitch emails.

After the first 2 weeks.. you can loosen up a bit and mail less frequently. your call. I like to stay on it hard the first week or so because thats when I know that my prospect is extremely desperate and looking for a solution now..

With health problems.. unless it’s an ongoing health problem.. you’ve got a smaller window of time. so stay on it!

I’ve just found that *desperate health niches* are alot easier than others. And if you’re trying to make money online.. Why not start there first? Start with the low hanging fruit.. then explore others.

If I had to start all over again.. I’d start with health niche.. hands down.
Evergreen. Huge market. Easy to sell.

you can use a pen name or nickname to protect your identity.

We’re dealing with health niche. I keep everything health. I don’t mention anything about IM.. I mention I’m a fitness writer and will help kick their butt into shape! and they should check out my site to learn 1 weird trick they can do to get a flatter belly

Here’s a secret for the author bio box.
Don’t make it about you.

People don’t want to hear you ramble about how awesome you are. nobody cares that you were captain of the chess club team. Nobody cares how many push ups you can do.. What they care about is themselves.. ‘What’s in it for me?’

So I say ‘Are YOU struggling to trim the belly fat? Click Here to discover my 1 weird trick to lose 2 inches in the next X days.”

or can write a little bit about you..

‘(your name) is an internationally known fitness expert and has already helped countless people just like you burn the fat and get the lean fit body they’ve been dreaming of! click the link below to find out his 1 weird trick to drop the pounds fast while eating the food you love!”

Before you promote a product:

Do your homework. Read customer reviews. See what people are saying. If you don’t feel good about something. don’t promote it.

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