For Newbies Only – How To Make Your First $100 Online

First, Welcome to Internet Marketing,


it can Bless you or Break you depending


on your actions.


But once you make that first $1,

$10 or $100, you will be absolutely

amazed that you finally did it.


Now, how would you like to find out


a simple plan to create income


with all FREE tools online?



I promise you will be hooked for life….




Internet marketing is like a long and winding road,


with twists and turns and treacherous peaks to avoid,


but if you have a MAP, and you don’t look at


every billboard or stop at every EXIT, you will


get that first $100 faster than most people ever will.




You simply have to know where you’re going every


day.  In other words, you have to make a plan every day


even if you only have 1 hour to spend building your


internet business at night or on the weekends.


But, you CAN if you work at it, consistently.


First, you must have a plan.


But don’t worry if you don’t have a clue where


to begin, I’m going to provide a simple plan


that worked for me using all Free tools online.



Then, once you have that blueprint in mind,


you can begin to travel to where you wish to


be and that is making your first sales on


the internet.



Is it possible? Yes.


Do you have to work at it?  Most definitely!


What is the secret?


Have a plan, work it and when you see EXACTLY


what brings in the sales, work it some more.




First, let’s talk about what NOT to do.


Don’t stop when you get frustrated. Sure, take a break,

walk around the block, get a drink, take a short nap,

but don’t STOP.  When you hit a roadblock, there is

always a WAY to tunnel under it, or go around it.


Most folks just throw up their hands and say,

“I knew this wasn’t for me.”  But if you are

still reading this and take action on the simple

plan I am about to show you, you will be in

that small percentage of folks that DOES

make money online and does what other

people can’t, because they simply WON’T

push through the barriers they encounter.


TIP:  If you get stuck, go to Youtube and

google your question. Chances are somebody

else has already had the same problem and

you are very likely going to find your answer.


You can always email Support to a problem,

but if there is a phone number, call them.


It will move you forward quickly.  Remember that tip.


It will save you hours or weeks of “waiting” when

you can be making sales.


Don’t chase shiny objects.




When you find your “rhythm” in making


video reviews,


Just keep doing the same thing


except each month but make it bigger.


Don’t start some new thing.


Most people online who are successful

in the $100K+/year range, found out this

secret a long time ago.


For example, if you find that making


your first Video Review makes you


money, make another one.



Don’t try to “figure it out” or

overthink this, and wait to

“get ready to get ready.”


Just simple choose


which product you think has the BEST landing




How can you tell?


The vendor has already spent


loads of time and money doing exactly




What is your job?


Promote it and get those eyeballs to the landing page/sales page


that the Vendor has paid lots of money and/or spent


lots of time creating it.





Here’s How laid out for you step-by-step,


so just print this out and follow it and


you will have a golden plan that many


have paid big bucks to get in high ticket coaching programs.



Go to this site called and sign up for a free




It’s a free software that will record your


screen and it’s called http://Screencast-o-matic.





In fact, on their Home Page, they have a


How-To Video so be sure to watch it.



It looks like this:




Next, go to WarriorPlus – it looks like this:




Now, apply to promote at least ten (10) offers


because if the Vendor doesn’t know you and the


site shows you have 0 sales, you will have to start


with one that approves you, but don’t worry,


some will.


Go to the Tab Named AFFILIATES:




and sign up to be an affliliate.  It’s free.


And by the way, all of these methods I am showing


you are Free.


Next, is your Real Money Maker.


Take the link that is approved…looks like this:




and then go to this site called


to “disguise” your link


because Youtube doesn’t like “raw” links and


I’ll show you where to put that later underneath


your video in the description.


Next, make your Youtube Review video..


concentrating on the sales page bullet points

and use the graphics that the sales page


has (the vendor usually doesn’t mind)


as long as you use those images to promote

only HIS product.


Then, the next step is to add the “juice”

to get your Youtube video SEEN so the

sales can come in to your Paypal.


After you upload your video to

Youtube (Screencast-o-matic)

has that feature built-in, simply

take your link that

is disguising your W+ or JVZoo

link and put it under your

video in the description.




You have a tiny ATM machine potentially

making you sales while you sleep, since

Youtube is seen all over the world in

multiple time zones.


Won’t it be super COOL to wake up

to Paypal notifications in your email

or on your cell phone that look like this?


paypal email

That should quicken your pulse…it never FAILS

to make me grin.  All your hard work DOES

pay off when you keep at it and don’t give up.



Doing this next step is the difference between

making sales and not making sales.



Make 1 video a day.

Review 1 product a day.


Do you know how many products launch each day?


8 – 10 some days inside Warrior Plus and


you can then branch off into

and apply for those bigger launches.


You just do these steps consistently and

you will start to see the sales come in,

at first they trickle and somedays they

pour like rain.


How do you know which ones will

be a winner?


The secret?


No one knows for sure before the

sales page goes “LIVE”, that’s why the

top Super Affiliates promote so many.


After a while, you can “spot” the winners,

but when you are just first starting off,

here are the ones that are MORE LIKELY

to bring you in sales.


1.  They have income proof on their sales pages.

2.  They have social proof with testimonials

of people who have used the product.

3.  They have colorful graphics and sales copy

that makes YOU want to buy the course (but

you don’t have to if you email the Vendor

and request a Review copy.)


So a rule of thumb is to start promoting those

products that YOU would buy, have bought or

can obtain a Review copy from the Vendor.


Look for the Vendor’s JV Page on the Affiliate page

that looks like this:




How?  When you sign up, look for the

Vendor’s contact information, it looks like







Now, don’t be shy.  You have to CHARGE ahead

and sign up for a Free Skype account and

when you request their CONTACT information

in the BOX be sure to say something like this:


Your launch – looks awesome and I have applied

for my link.  I took Kristie Chiles’ video training

and plan to promote your launch with her video

SEO.  Would you please send a Review copy

to my email at _________?  Thanks so much!

Your Name



How you can Make Even MORE Money with the Same Video



Now, some of your BEST sales will come from

what are called OTOs or One time Offers that

the vendor will present to your customers

before and after they buy what is called

the “Frontend” offer.


And if promote JVZoo products,

once a person has bought from your

link, ANYTHING they buy from that product

(on JVZoo) from that Vendor now or

in the future

is cookied back to you for a sale.


The One Time Offer Sales Funnel (or multiple products

promoted after your buyer buys the first offer) looks

like this:


oto funnel




Now, let’s look at a plan.



Look at last year, if you had made 1 video a night,

you would have 365 videos generating sales for year.


24/7 and building a subscriber list for free.


But, that’s a whole other course.


For right now,you need to concentrate

on this simple plan.


Don’t feel like making videos?


You can outsource them to a site called


See the image below and just put “create review video”

in the search bar and you will find lots of choices.


HINT:  If you can, choose a woman since stats show

that most of internet marketer buyers are men

around ages 40 – 55 so they are more likely

to click on your video =).




When you look back at your life this last year, how


much work was really completed?


How many hours do you think  you worked on your

online business?  Does your revenue reveal it?


What are the solid things you have created?


How many videos?




The only way this year online for you is going to be different is if you

change your way of thinking.


If you spent 1 hour researching a product and making a Review video

instead of 1 hour of watching TV for one month, that would be

30 videos in one month, assuming you create 1 a day which is very

easy to do, especially once you get the hang of it.


Or, you could simply do the research and hire it out to someone at


Bottom line?


You could potentially have 365 videos churning out sales

for a long time to come, if you just made 1 simple video

1 time a day.


Over time, you can begin to have $100 days if

you promote higher tickets items that give you

50% of a $49 sale.


The one time offers that convert well can


bring in multiple sales from the same buyer,


and again, if the buyer decides to buy the OTO


later, you get credit for the sale!


That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing.


You are the middle man between the product creator and the visitor.


Again, your job (should you choose to accept it) is simply to get those

eyeballs to those beautiful sales pages.


Resources I use to scale up my videos:


Make 1 Video into 10 with these Call To Action Slides

Instead of manually back linking your videos use this instead.

When you are ready to go the next level with your video marketing

this Video tool is awesome (I love it).




Now you have everything you need to make

your first $1, $10 or $100+ Sales online.


Go get it!














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